Friday, February 18, 2011

Porto Cesareo

There are not enough good things to say about Porto Cesareo. Breathtaking beaches along the Ionian Sea that rival the hot spots of the Caribbean and a great evening atmosphere with fantastic restaurants, some of the best seafood you will have ever eaten, trendy boutiques and most importantly, delicious crepe cafes. Always a stop on our trips to Puglia and always a sure bet for a great time. The girls loved it there this past trip and it may be solely because of the gelato. But that's ok. Reason enough for me to return to a place too!

Whenever in Porto Cesareo, I'm constantly drawn to the water where the boats are docked to take picture after picture. There's just something calming about seeing the boats side-by-side with a slight sway of the gentle lapping waves. All tied to the dock, resting after what was sure to have been a busy day. Each a different color, different name, different owner to care for it. Some are clean, some are all sorts of messed up and some are just right. But I love checking out all of them and make the walk up and down the dock slowly to take them all in.

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