Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A good meal and the last night of the carnival

The 16th is the actual big deal celebration of the whole carnival and we've spent that day with these same wonderful people for years now. My mom's cousin and his family and from start to finish there's food, talking, laughter and more food. What's an Italian celebration without lot's of food!?!

The last night of the carnival and we couldn't believe that it had come and gone already. Family picture in front of the door of the house as we set off for the villa and rides again.

Love me some pictures with my girls. Doesn't happen often enough.

Daddy and his girl walking towards another a fun evening!

Waiting at the church for the Madonna to return. Mom and Dad in front of the church where they were married 40 years ago.

And here she comes to go back to her home.

Procession is over, ready for some rides!

The only ride I went on this year...the Ferris Wheel and I have to be honest, I was a little nervous!

Olivia with Silvia on the final night of the carnival.

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