Monday, December 16, 2013

July 15th, La Festa della Madonna del Carmine

A very wonderful tradition to look forward to each summer we're in Italy. The three-day festival honoring the Madonna del Carmine and something I'm proud to say, my girls look forward to as well. The festival begins on the 15th with a procession from the Chiese del Carmine, the church where my parents were married, and the procession winds down the road to Chiese Madre located right in Centro Storico, the oldest part of the city.

Antonio must be standing in the street and I on the curb, no way he's just a few inches taller than me.

Olivia with a great view of the Madonna leaving her church...

There she is!

View from just inside the walls of the old city looking out to the people awaiting her arrival to Chiese Madre, the church where she will be until the 17th.

Chiese Madre

Who are those adorable little Italian-American girls!?!?

Watching in awe as the bells sound.

The procession enters the old city...

and here is the Madonna del Carmine with her entourage.

Leaving Centro Storico - lights glowing, music blaring and smiles all around.

Look who we bump into again walking out of Centro Storico! The girls love their Zio Antonio!!!

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