Thursday, December 5, 2013

A kick-off to Christmas!

The last few years now we've made a point to get the girls into Philadelphia for the Macy's Light Show at the Wanamaker Building and to see the train display at Reading Terminal Market. It has been a great experience each time with all of us leaving with a wonderful memory. We decided to go December 1st this year since as I'm getting closer to my delivery date, walking is getting sort of interesting. More of a waddle and preferably not for long periods of time.

But we made it down and had such a fun time! The lights, the music and the girls happy faces really get you into the spirit!

Afterwards, we make a habit of checking out the Macy's window displays and walking down to Reading Terminal Market which is only about 4 blocks. This pregnant woman can handle four blocks especially when a delicious mocha coffee and a sweet treat is my reward!

Buttons all around the train display for little fingers to push over and over again. Which we all know little ones LOVE to do.

The Reading Terminal Market never disappoints with their selection of great shops to choose sweets and great coffee from. The girls happy faces should tell you just how delicious they think this place is.

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