Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fun first night at the carnival!

So, each year after the procession, we hang out around the villa and stroll the bancarelle, little stalls set up for our shopping pleasure with anything from toys, books, cooking supplies, food, candy and boar's head meat. I'm not kidding about that one, something I've always laughed at when I see it there and there are ALWAYS people in line for it too.

I love the lights and every year they're slightly different. Same overwhelming sensation when you see them for the 3 nights too. They light up the whole villa and are just an amazing part of the 3-day celebration. The girls love them and ooh and ahh like crazy. So do I though too.

Love our friends in Mesagne. Here my girlfriend and her boyfriend come with us to the rides because they love our girls and they know that I won't be participating in the rides this year so they were there to hang out but also to accompany Olivia on any ride that she needed an adult. Let's face it, Anthony's a big kid and there was no way Sofia was going to go on any ride with an adult and it not be Anthony.

Contagious smiles!

Again, Again!!!

Sofia's a pro on the kid's roller coaster. Olivia warmed up to it this year.

Olivia and her ride's partner, Silvia.

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