Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas card outtakes!

Per every year, while in Maryland for Thanksgiving, we go out with my very talented brother Scott to get some pictures taken for our Christmas card. The girls love hanging out with Zio Scotty and he always makes it fun for us all. It was a very cold morning and we literally were gone an hour so it was perfect. Managed to get one of the girls that I LOVE and then two that I LOVE of the family as well. Was going to just have the girls on the card this year, but figured I should document my huge belly also.

Fun with our shadows.

Maybe a little too much fun!

Nothing like getting the kids to run off some energy. Which they love and do often!

My little free spirits. Love them so much and love these pictures of them so much too.

Total Daddy's girl.

And, of course, the mama's girl too.

Stay tuned for the card!!! I love how it turned out.


  1. So fabulous!!! Love the belly shot. Y'all are the cutest!!

  2. It was a fun morning despite the cold and wind!


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