Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another festival come and gone...

The 16th of July is the real holiday of La Madonna del Carmine. Family and friends gather together to eat an awesome meal, some go to the beach, some rest up for a night of mischief. All enjoy. We gather at our home in Mesagne and have celebrated this holiday with my mom's cousins for years now. Huge, delicious meal followed by a much-needed nap before heading back out to the festivities.

This year my cousin made this amazing cake for the kids and not only was it gorgeous, but beautiful too! The girls loved it! Not to mention that not only did they love how detailed it was but it was so much sugar too! These girls rarely say no to sugar.

Family is happiness.

Each year on the 16th we do the usual rounds of heading to the stands at the villa, going to the rides with the girls and then bringing them home for bed. Then Anthony and I head back out with friends. This year we had a little person join in on the late-late fun. He didn't make it very long and slept through most of that part of the night.

The 17th of July is the last night of the festival and a night to welcome the Madonna back to her home at Madonna del Carmine church. We wait outside the same bar near the church every year and wait for her arrival. You can honestly feel the excitement in the air everyone huddled together waiting to hear the sounds of the band approaching bringing the Madonna home.

I LOVE that my loves enjoy it so much and wait patiently with everyone else. They look forward to this every year and that makes my heart so happy.

Returning home.

Someone slept through this part of the night too.

Back at it at the rides. These girls can't get enough of them. Unfortunately for them, I can get enough of the rides but they did well this festival and enjoyed themselves very much.

One last look at the lights before heading home. Until the next time!

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