Monday, January 5, 2015

Some random fun in Puglia

Seeing how it's already 2015 and I haven't posted nearly all the pictures I wanted from this past summer in Italy, I'm going to try and get as many pictures in this one post as possible. Ha!

The girls love being in the kitchen and "helping" out however they can. They loved cutting up fruit for a simple macedonia salad. Of course they only cut up fruit that they like to eat but that's alright. Fruit is fruit!

One proud little chef.

Our house is about a ten minute drive to the beach on the Adriatic. It is honestly the prettiest. This is a shot from the girls' little camera having done zero editing to it too. It's just a favorite spot for me and the family. We are so very fortunate to be able to enjoy some of nature's most amazing masterpieces.

They love getting so much sand to themselves. The spot we always put our things down is never really crowded. We also go first thing in the morning and only during the week. Weekends are crazy busy and the little beach is towel to towel and umbrella to umbrella all day Saturdays and Sundays. No thank you.

Mario loved his first experience at the beach this summer too. Look at that happy, smiling face!

Mama and her little cub. Yes, I wear a hat at the beach. And a coverup too. Gone are the days where I sunbathe for hours and get burnt and peel.

A different morning at the beach with my babes. Someone loved napping under the umbrella...

Kids and Nonna Lisa and Nonno Nicky enjoying the beach

Olivia takes a trip to Brindisi with Nonna Lisa and Nonno Nicky...She was so excited to get some alone time with her grandparents. She even made a big deal of dressing up and taking her purse.

They look like they have the same smile in this picture!

Sofia took some pictures in the store near the house of her siblings. Look at how small Mario is in this picture!

Our own little Vanna White, Olivia showcasing the eggs

A girl and her gelato. This girl loves some Italian ice cream! But seriously, who doesn't?

My little girls at the villa being silly. Love how much they love Italy. Just like their mama.

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