Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A drive down the coast...the Southern Adriatic Coast of Italy

Anthony and I make a point to get out on a day trip while in Puglia. My parents have taken the girls for the day and we set off on our own to explore a different town. One year we went to Matera, another year we visited some coastal towns that Anthony had never been to before and another year we went to Gallipoli. I look forward to this so much each year and love exploring nearby. Although I've been just about everywhere in Puglia at this point, it doesn't grow old to me one bit.

This past trip we decided to drive up and down the coast but we had some guests with us as we thought the girls would love it. And since Mario is everywhere I am, he came too and it was a family affair. It was an awesome day. Perfect weather for driving, making stops along the coast for ice cream, pictures and resting too.

The girls visit Santa Maria de Leuca. Lots of great family trips happened here for me and I was so happy to bring my kids there for their first time.

Mario loved it too! Can't you tell?

The basilica and lighthouse...what a gorgeous sky!

Peeking out over the cliffs...

Momma and her first born. They were excited to be spending the day with us exploring and I was so excited to show them some place new.

We went to a restaurant Anthony and I visited last year on our own and knew the girls would love it. Gorgeous view from our table...

The staircase leading down to the outdoor veranda seating of the restaurant.

Daddy enjoying his meal...

The girls loved their pasta too. And drinking out of fancy glasses. No plastic cups with straws at this place.

Mario just took it all in and let us eat our fancy meal in peace! Doesn't he look comfortable?!

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