Sunday, January 24, 2016

holding on...

I wanted to take some pictures to document our high chair. Sounds incredibly mopey and silly, right? It's not. This high chair has been amazing through Sofia and Olivia. We registered for it while pregnant with Sofia and it's served us very well these almost 9 years. Now it's time for it to move onto another family. But first, the pictures with Mario.

He's getting so big and is so good at feeding himself. He makes a mess most of the time but as my third I have to let him be more independent when it comes to self-feeding and let him do it.

A very serious face here concentrating hard on getting that melon to his mouth. 

And the feet! Let me talk to you about his feet. The chair is a perfect distance from where he sits to how his legs stretch out from the seat and he catches his toes on the inside front of the table part. It's so sweet to see those little feet stretching out.

The double footer

Man that smile gets me every.single.time. And he knows it too.

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