Monday, January 18, 2016

A visit to San Gabriele and Castelli

Just as in Puglia we have day trips we enjoy doing each year, we also have the same tradition while in Abruzzo. One of my favorite day trips is a visit to San Gabriele and Castelli. This year Anthony's dad, sister and the kids' cousins joined us too and it was nice getting a picture of the grandkids with Nonno Mario.

We stop into the shrine and say our prayers, light our candles and tour the beautiful sanctuary. The girls enjoy the fresh water, literally right from the mountain above our heads and we head to our next stop, Castelli and my favorite little city in Abruzzo.

The view is amazing from the small town. The Gran Sasso in the distance.

The sweetest little corner casa, have taken it's picture nearly every year we visit.

Statue in the tiny piazza in town

Typical street scene in Castelli...

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