Monday, January 25, 2016

SNOW happy for some snow!

After a very mild Winter so far, we were so excited to get some snow. Of course, SOME turned into almost 2 feet of it which is a little more than we needed all at one time, but that's ok. The kids LOVED it and it felt like Christmas morning around here Saturday morning and the shouts of glee coming from the girls. Mario said "wow!" a bunch of times looking outside.

But first...caffe. Or what I drink around here cappuccino! 

Mommy has to at least be brewing her espresso before jumping into breakfast some mornings. I found a great homemade pancake recipe on my ever-faithful Pinterest. Olivia thought they tasted like the pancakes she had in Walt Disney World. A big pat on the back to me for replicating an amazing recipe.
Silver dollar-sized pancakes is how we do it around here...

And snowy temperatures with the constant request for hot chocolate EVERY time they come back inside...well, you need homemade chocolate chip cookies to go with it, right? Well, we do.

One of the times they went out. I must have made a hundred trips to our laundry room to keep drying their snow clothes.

My little man in his puffy suit. I love it on him so much! That smile helps make everything look good on him.

These girls have been talking snow for weeks now and asking about the weather constantly. They finally got their wish and were more than happy to get out in it while it was still coming down pretty heavily.

Little man made an appearance outdoors too. That snow outfit isn't just for show. He had the rosy cheeks and nose to prove the devotion to being out in those temps and snow.

Sledding is a favorite, but they didn't get to go the first day because roads were not yet plowed but they made do with our front porch steps. Up and down those 5 little steps and that tiny little "hill" made them so happy for a little bit.

Then they built a mini snowman and were happy doing other things.

My snow crew!

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