Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's good to be 3!

Mario Luca is 3. I still cannot believe sometimes that I have a son. After two girls and then 4 years after Olivia was born, out comes this rambunctious, silly and clever little human. And what a little man he's becoming too. He's inquisitive, funny, loving and adventurous. We have a lot of fun together and he loves his big sisters so much, "my girls" he calls them.

After I cooked up some of his favorite foods for dinner - baked salmon, sauteed spinach, corn and mashed potatoes - he gobbled up his dessert request which was cupcakes. I am so happy that he's a really good eater still but also enjoys his sweets. Just like his mama.

I love the way he's holding onto my hand in this picture. While I don't like to be in the photographs, I think it's so important to be present in a few pictures with your kids. I have so, so many of just the kids and try to make a point to hand the camera over to snap one up with myself with my little loves. I'm not great at taking selfies and never like the way I look in them but need to get over it so my kids know I'm not always just behind the camera.

Present time! He was so sweet opening his presents, didn't just rip through them but took his time and was genuinely happy with each of them. I always feel like 1 or two gifts is enough, especially for this young age. He received 5. He is the baby afterall. But they were well thought out gifts that he is interested in and one was a book so hooray for more reading with my little man.

To many more memories my little one.

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