Thursday, December 8, 2016

it's in the details

often times i like to get close to my subjects. up close and personal, to the fine print. from far away they may seem one thing and then you take a step closer, you get something unexpected. a crack in the wall, the light on the links, a symmetry you can't appreciate unless you are close. closer than you think you need to be, making you think about the closeness in an almost odd way. 

get yourself to eye level and really look at your subject. is it what you want to capture? is it going to make you happy later? will you have to make adjustments, edits, crops to get it to where you want? focus. where do you want your focus to be? do you want any grey area, any blur? i myself, love blur. but i also love crisp sometimes too. that's me living on the edge, needing my yin to my yang.

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