Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Philly on a cold December morning

My little man and I enjoyed some time in the city this morning. My initial intention for the trip in was quickly diverted when I saw a recent picture of Elfreth's Alley decorated for the holidays. So there is where we ended up and I'm so glad we did. It was cold, but I bundled him in his stroller and out we set to walk a few streets near Elfreth's Alley and Penn's Landing. Completely worth it. Got some pictures in but Mario was amazed at the bridge and the trains passing by overhead, he hardly noticed the cold.


  1. I love Elfreth's Alley....I remember it from a trip I took with the Girl Scouts. If you go again and want some company, I would love to go......
    Also, thanks again for your help with an up coming event... ;)

    1. Anything for you! And yes, I love Elfreth's Alley too and hadn't been in awhile and needed to go. It was a great morning and I will most definitely let you know when I visit it again, would love the company. Mario and I would that is ;-)


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