Monday, December 28, 2009

The night before Christmas...

We had a great Christmas Eve - took the girls to mass and then to La Locanda for dinner with Nonno Mario and Zio Italo. Afterwards, we came home and opened our presents with the girls. We made a later decision to drive down to MD that night rather than wait for Christmas morning or else we would have waited until the morning to open gifts. But Sofia and Olivia were happy about our change in plans and had so much fun!

Sofia looked so beautiful, like a little lady in her pretty Christmas dress. All night she would ask us "do I look like a princess?" Which, of course, she did. She was so excited to have gotten all dressed up! It amazes me how big she is getting and she had a blast opening up her gifts and playing with them. We (I mean, Santa) only got the girls a couple of little gifts and then their red wagon but Sofia didn't even bat an eye when we were done. Olivia was completely engrossed with the same little piece of wrapping paper and sat happy as a clam the entire time.

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