Monday, December 7, 2009

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday and it looks great! Sofia "helped" me make a simple little garland out of red and green construction paper and it gives the tree a nice toddler-ish look. She also assisted in relocating all the ornaments on the tree, putting them basically on the same branch. When she wasn't looking, we had to rearrange them again so the tree doesn't topple over. Olivia happily watched us from the comfort of her bouncy seat with an occasional squeal now and then.

Sofia helped Anthony hang the stockings

Apparently we're not feeding Olivia enough since she needs to eat her toes too!

My girls - pardon my appearance, I'm usually the one taking the pictures

1 comment:

  1. Lisa and Anthony, keep up the work.
    We love you soooooooo much!



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