Monday, December 28, 2009

Off to Nonna's house we go

Waking up Christmas morning at my parent's house was awesome. My mom always has the music going and the lights on everywhere by the time we come downstairs. And she also has lunch started so the house always smells incredible too! Santa stopped at their house for us (how thoughtful of him) and we had a ton of fun watching Sofia open her gifts. Olivia, again happy as can be, alternated between a piece of wrapping paper and a bow just about the entire time.

My aunt, uncle and cousins came over for Christmas Day lunch and it really was so much fun to be with all of them. The girls loved the extra attention too. My future sister-in-law, Chaela, modeled her outfit that she was wearing to her family's 'Christmas Sweater' contest - sorry for posting the pic! I got my parents the new Super Mario Bros. game for Wii (so much fun!) and we had fun playing that after everyone had left. It really was the perfect day of family, food and lots of good fun!

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  1. Oh my the ugly holiday sweater.. i hope people know thats a joke! hahaha


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