Saturday, October 16, 2010

90 years young!

Anthony's Nonna Linda is celebrating her 90th birthday today and we're wishing we could be with her on this special day more than ever. My mother-in-law as well as Anthony's Uncle are in Italy with her now along with other family and friends all excited to spend such a fantastic day together.

Nonna Linda is a beautiful person inside and out and she probably doesn't even realize all she does. My Nonna passed away a couple years before I met Anthony and unfortunately he never met this incredible lady who did and will always have a special place in my heart. He's heard a ton about her, seen pictures and can probably imagine what she was like just from having his own Nonna that loves him very much. So, while I don't have my Nonna around anymore in body, just being with Anthony's Nonna and checking in on her through my mother-in-law or Anthony fills a little bit of that void when my Nonna passed away.

Since we couldn't be with Nonna Linda today, I thought it would be cute to put together some of my favorite pictures of her from the past few years.

October 2003, Met Nonna Linda for the first time just a few days before our wedding

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Nonna Linda and Anthony's aunt & cousin from Italy who also came for our wedding

One of our trips over to Italy before having kids, in Civitella for dinner

At home in Garrano doing what we do best - eating!

Nonna came outside to welcome her grandson on another of his trips to Garrano

Anthony thinks Nonna Linda's gnocchi are hands-down the best! Each year Anthony went over, he tells me that Nonna would always make gnocchi knowing he loved them. That's what Nonna's are for right - cooking up great food they know their grandchildren enjoy.

Fall 2006 and pregnant with Sofia, which would be the 1st of 3 great-grandchildren (so far) for Nonna Linda

I love love love these next few pictures of Nonna spending time with her great-granddaughters, Sofia on her first trip to Italy at 3 months old

Sofia's 2nd trip to Italy at 15 months, playing with Nonna Linda

Nonna meets Olivia for the first time, Olivia's first trip at 2 months old

Teaching Nonna how to use the Mac to check her Facebook. Just kidding, probably showing her videos of the girls from the blog

4 generations, an absolute favorite picture of mine

Buon Compleanno Nonna Linda!

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