Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A night on the town, Teramo style

Even though our summer trip to Italy seems like a million years ago, I still have many, many pictures to post. So, bear with me as it's taking me forever to get them out.

On our last night in Abruzzo, we went to visit Anthony's nonna in the hospital. Not exactly the way you want to remember your Nonna I'm sure, but I was happy we went to see her and we all were able to see her one more time this trip. At this point in our trip she had only been there one day but she hadn't been doing too well our entire week there. But as of today, she's home and feeling much better. She will be celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend actually, so I'd say she's doing a whole lot better than most of us.

After the hospital, we went into Teramo with Nonno Mario for a walk and some gelato. You can't go more than 5 steps in an Italian city without coming across some really good gelato. And our girls are HUGE gelato fans.

After sitting out in the piazza people-watching and finishing off what seemed like gelato that could have fed a small army, we went for a walk through town. Nonno Mario took us by where he and Nonna Maria went to school and Sofia got a kick out of that. "That's Nonno's school?!"

And Nonna Maria's school

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