Monday, October 11, 2010

a picture's worth

Looking at these two pictures, it's hard to say what I love most. Her adorable little feet hanging over the side of the chair, the way she placed Mia right next to her on the pillow or that precious face of hers.

I took these only last week but I'm so glad I have it as part of the thousands of pictures already for my little 3 and a half year old. A very simple moment like this might not seem like much on the surface but for me it speaks volumes. It reminds me of a quiet afternoon we shared in our living room reading books together. Me sitting on the floor reading to Sofia and Sofia cuddled up on the chair with Mia. I went to grab my camera and came back to my daughter having taken the book and reading it to herself. After a couple of shots we went from pretending-not-to-notice-the-camera to smiling to "Mommy, read more books please." She's 3 and a half and patience to her is not yet a virtue.

She sure is cute though. Really cute. So, I listened to her. Put my camera down, sat on the floor next to her in the chair and we read. And read and read.


  1. I love capturing simple moments like these. She is precious and looks so mature. sniff.

    And I know it's not the point, but I have to say it anyway. I LOVE that chair.

  2. Ha! Thanks Em! It was a good find 7 years ago at an estate sale. I've been thinking about reupholstering it forever but it kind of just never happens.


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