Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My little Olivia is doing pretty well with Italian, just like her big sister. When we ask her how old she is in Italian "quanti anni hai?," she holds up that little finger with such pride. Every once in awhile she'll even say "uno" which is awesome to hear in her sweet little voice.

I'll speak Italian to them around the house sometimes with just one or two words and sometimes it's in short phrases. Sofia is really good and knows pretty much what I'm saying or asking each time which just amazes me. Of course, if she's responding to a question I've asked, she does it in English. And I haven't heard it lately, but sometimes when I'm in the Italian-speaking groove, I'll even get a "Mommy, can you talk English now?" Like her little ears can only take so much of the Italian lesson for the day.

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