Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mint to be

Ok, cheesy post title, I know. But I think it's pretty cool that since the first time Sofia noticed our mint plant on the porch back when she was probably a year and a half or so, she always loved it. It always made her smile. At a younger age, she would reach for it, we would tear a leaf off for her and she would hold it up to her nose and smile. Once she got a little older, upon walking outside, she would tear her own leaf off and take a big whiff. And smile.

What really gets me about this is that I always remember my Nonna carrying around a mint leaf in her pocket. Something about the refreshing smell would just tickle her senses and perk her up. Every once in awhile she would reach into her dress or apron pocket and pull out a mint leaf and hold it up to her nose. And smile.

I guess it's really fitting that we named her Sofia Vincenza. She's all Sofia, but there's a little bit of Vincenza in there too.

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