Monday, August 8, 2016

A break...

We take a break from the regularly scheduled Italy posts to bring you one of utmost importance. I went to see Coldplay. For the very first time. And it was amazing. It was better than amazing. What is better than amazing? Coldplay.

Anthony got me the tickets after much jumping up and down on my part and after years of one reason or another not being able to see them. Life gets in the way. I was able to meet up with an old high school friend. Old in the sense that we hadn't seen one another since high school, not that we're old. Never. But after 20 years we saw one another and it was all in part to Coldplay. Did I mention that they are amazing? 

I was a giddy little school girl the days preceding the show and the day of, forget about it. I couldn't concentrate on anything but going to the show. I did whatever I could to make the day go quickly. Not that my days don't go fast enough, but I upped the ante just a bit.

They put on a spectacular show. Aside from the music being the best there ever is, the fireworks, the lights, the confetti, the random bouncing balls throughout certain songs, Chris Martin and his bands intensity, etc. It was all so...amazing!

Nice little tribute to America. He even sang Bruce's Streets of Philadelphia which was very cool. 

And the piano, oh the piano. His music instrumentally alone is a lot for me, but seeing him LIVE play on the piano!!!  Wow!

All of this. Yes. 

They played every song I could have wanted them to also.  A handful from the new album which I love but so many older songs which I ADORE. This is Yellow. A favorite favorite song and it just completely blew me away.

So the moral of this story...if you EVER have the chance to see Coldplay live. Do it. You will love better for it.

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