Friday, August 5, 2016

scenes from an italian night

my favorite place in Mesagne is the old part of town, or what's better known as 'centro storico.' little streets weave in and out of this small district of town that is frequented by many who visit Mesagne. homes, shops, restaurants and pubs dot the ancient cobblestone vias (streets) and each turn of a corner has a promise of something spectacular to behold. 

some walls are covered in a turmoil of juvenile graffiti while others have a simple quote for your reading pleasure. each via is a little different with potted plants, benches and the occasional empty bottle of prosecco...

cats are abundant in this section of town, quite literally popping up in each little space which can make walking through the area at night a little more than exciting when they startle you. but they weave in and out of the alleys barely noticing the people, claiming those streets for themselves.

whether it's the old you want to take in or the just-recently-opened pub that you hope is still there on your next visit, Mesagne's centro storico has something for everyone and is worth more than walk through.

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