Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A port town unlike any other

Porto Cesareo is a beautiful little port town snuggled into the Ionian Sea in Italy's Southern Region of Puglia. It's breathtaking. Views of the hundreds of boats anchored along the wharf, shops, bars and restaurants up and down the streets and picture worthy scenes for my snapping pleasure are just a few of the things I love about this town. There's also this little creperia stand that we frequent...a lot...that also has to make the list for reasons why I enjoy visiting this town.

An obvious choice for stores that you will readily find in this town...seafood! Only the freshest and the best make the cut for what gets placed out to market. 

Fresh is best. 

These girls. My little travelers. They love exploring the towns as much as I do and I'm so thankful for that. Yes, I get the occasional "it stinks in here" to which I have to explain the seawater and fish smells only prove how fresh it all really is and how good it will be later on when we eat it all up! But all in all, they love checking out the boats, pretending the tower in town is theirs and that the streets are laid out before them to explore and enjoy. 

I adore the fisherman. Some are in groups cleaning up their boat from the morning excursion and others, like this one, are on their own and provide an alternate insight to the life of a fisherman. 

Unfortunately, this is life too. Some boats sink. 

I've probably taken this picture, oh I don't know, about 50 times now. Not much has changed but it's a beautiful structure and great reminder to the past of the protection they were meant to provide to the area. There are several towers along this section of the Ionian Sea and some are not in as great shape as this one is but still beautiful. 

Ah, the sea. Let the sight, the sound and the smell of the sea cleanse my soul. 

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