Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Orecchiette, carrying on traditions

The girls absolutely love this tradition each year in Mesagne, making orecchiette with Nonna. A simple little recipe, a tricky little flip of the thumb with a knife and VOILA! you have your little ear shaped pasta made famous from our region of Puglia.

Mario got in on the action this year as well. Getting his hands messy is a specialty of his so he thoroughly enjoyed this very much.

My girls are little perfectionists when it comes to making orecchiette but also love when they're later eating the pasta to pick out the specific ones they made based on little indentations or marks they made on them.

Perfect little orecchiette. Unfortunately, no after picture when they're cooked and served with fresh tomato sauce. They are eaten much too quickly to bother grabbing the camera.

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