Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

Great day celebrating turning 38. Began the night before with ice cream with a good friend and then my 6am barre class which was awesome. Might sound like an oxymoron - 6am class, but I love it and it makes me very happy. So an hour of working out immediately followed by cake for breakfast with the kids. It's all about balance.

Then it was off for the kids and I on a little adventure to the Brandywine River Museum of Art which the kids and I love to frequent. They had a great children's illustrations exhibit going on that I had read about and knew the girls especially would really enjoy. And they did.

At the end of the short but wonderful exhibit, there were books! Thank goodness I have kids that are interested in books. I hope it remains as such too.

Off to visit the "animals" by the river.

And then I found this...I love finding hearts out and about.

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