Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From Castelli with Love

If you are ever in Abruzzo and wanting to bring back a beautiful souvenir, Castelli is the place to go. The small town is located high on a mountainside, just 20 minutes from San Gabriele and is home to some of the most spectacular pieces of ceramic in the region. The homes that line the narrow streets boast some of the ceramic artwork in the form of the house numbers, a prayer, or a picture and each is unique and special in its own way.

Every time I go there I am overcome with the same dilemma, what piece to select as the one that will come home with us. We started a nice tradition on our first trip to Castelli together by selecting just one or two items to bring back with us and it's fun to look at them throughout our home and remember back to the specific trip and the particulars of that day.

The gorgeous view from Castelli

A view of some of the town's pieces

My favorite little house in town - I have taken this same picture 5 times now!

Ceramic art on the front of a home

Sitting in a cafe in Castelli

I love making this trip every time in Abruzzo

Some pieces in our home from Castelli that we purchased or were gifts from family

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