Friday, October 17, 2008

Parmigiano Predicament

Like any good Italian, I absolutely can not live without cheese. Whether it be provolone, grana padano, pecorino romano or, of course, parmigiano reggiano, I have to have it just about every night with dinner (and sometimes lunch too). But unfortunately for me and just about any other cheese lover out there, the state of this "luxury cheese" is in trouble. Financially, the company is flailing as the price of the cheese has dropped consistently for the past couple of years but the costs of producing this mouth-watering goodness are still on the rise.

Italian law-makers are banding together to devise a plan to save the cheese and the hundreds of employees who could lose their jobs. Apparently, less Italians are keeping parmigiano in stock and the famous Italian cheese is overflowing in US groceries causing the drop in prices. Thankfully, food is a very important topic within the tiny boot-shaped country of mine, and this crisis too shall pass. Hopefully, or I'm going to need to start stockpiling!

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