Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grandparents know how to pamper

My parents and in-laws love to pamper Sofia which she happily acknowledges with kisses and smiles. Which, of course, tend to mean that there will be more pampering followed by more kissing.

I had mentioned to my parents that I was on the lookout at consignment shops for a kitchen set for Sofia for Christmas and the next thing I know...we have a Little Tikes kitchen set in our home. If you turn the faucet on the sink you will hear gushing water noises - so cute! Sofia loves putting the food in the oven and opening and closing the dishwasher door.

Each spring, our church has a huge garage sale in the auditorium of the elementary school. Anthony and I go every year to see if we can pick out any good deals. This past spring, my in-laws were a lot quicker than us and found a cute little house for Sofia for our backyard. We've set it up under our tree and she loves opening the door herself and walking around inside and peering out the windows.

Washing her dishes

Checking on her pots

Loves her Kitchen!

Peek-a-boo - looking out one of the windows in her backyard house

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  1. Oh my gosh Sofia, you are the cutest baby in the world. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow.


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