Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

After opening presents with the girls Christmas morning at our house, we made the drive down to MD to spend the next few days with my family. It's been awhile now that both of the girls know where it is we're going as soon as we pass certain mile-markers. They get so excited to see everyone even before we've arrived!

An afternoon and evening filled with amazing food thanks to Chef Nonna Lisa and great times. We tried to get a nice family shot after dinner, but thanks to a couple guys that will remain nameless, it didn't quite turn out as nice as we would have liked. The first picture was supposed to be a silly one, but I guess our two trouble-makers didn't get the memo for a normal smile. I do love how in all 3 pictures, Olivia is concentrating so hard on her sugar cookie - a sweet tooth, just like her mama!

Sofia was all set to put some Christmas gifts to use that day! My girl loves to paint and thank you to Zia Chaela for playing with the play doh with her too! We are already looking forward to next Christmas when there will be another little one joining the girls in the fun! March can't get here soon enough!!!

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  1. Mom, Zia Mina and Loredana don't get the definition of Silly Face.


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