Thursday, December 9, 2010


We've had our first smiles, giggles, words, foods, steps and much more fun stuff. This past week Olivia had her first bug. Sure, she's had a little cold before, a runny nose and teething pains, but this was her first real bug. A stomach bug. This was not fun.

Now, anyone with kids knows how much it just pains you to see them not well and we were just besides ourselves for our little princess. Yes, she smiled at Sofia when she was being funny and answered us when we asked if she wanted "acqua," but you could just see in her demeanor that she wasn't her usual spirited self and she knew it too. So, we rubbed her back, cuddled her little body and kissed her sweet head ten times more than normal. It was an exhausting time, but she was such a little warrior and we are so proud of how good she was considering. And we are so happy now that she is feeling better.

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