Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Big Apple

This past weekend we made our annual Christmas trip to New York City and this year we took the girls. Sofia has been to NYC two times before but this was Olivia's first trip. I had prepared a bag of extra clothes for any accidents, extra mittens/hats/blankets for the cold weather and plenty of distractions ranging from coloring books to stickers to little toys. I barely needed any of it.

The weather was as perfect as it can possibly get for December and we only pulled the hats out occasionally. And the girls were plenty distracted by the lights, sounds, and throngs of people EVERYWHERE. Not to mention that 3 of their favorite people were with us for the day - Zio Antonio, Zia Chaela and Zio Scotty. It was just the perfect combination for a incredibly fun day.

Can you see who I see? Scott and Anthony being silly near the beautiful Swarovski star.

The girls burning some energy in an empty plaza near Times Square. Got to love just letting them out of the stroller and having them run circles around anything.

After lunch near Times Square, a visit to Rockefeller Plaza to see the tree and decorations, another walk near Radio City Music Hall, we headed to the opposite side of town. Greenwich Village, Chinatown, what's left of Little Italy and Canal street were swarming with more lights, sounds and people all in the spirit of the season.

It was a truly wonderful day and there's nothing I would have changed. I'm so glad we brought the girls with us this year to experience something that Anthony and I have been doing every year since we began dating. I love that it's become a tradition for my brothers and sister-in-law to join in the fun as well and that my girls had the best time with them.

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