Friday, December 10, 2010

a perfect evening

Girls watching a Christmas cartoon in the living room while I wrote out Christmas cards and Anthony hung up the Christmas lights on our front porch. The fire was going and every once in awhile one of the girls would jump down from the couch to rearrange an ornament on the tree. So relaxing. Especially after the last 2 nights with Anthony and Olivia getting sick. We needed that big time.

We didn't put all the ornaments out this year and due to all the rearranging going on our tree is very lopsided, but I love that they're both so excited about it this year. Sofia keeps singing "Jingle Bells" around the house, both girls ooh and ahh over the decorations inside and outside our home and say "hi" to Bert every once in awhile when they pass him. I'm really loving all the little moments we've been having this Christmas season and that both are so involved in everything.

After they go to bed at night, I've been going in and moving some ornaments around on the tree to make sure it doesn't tip over in the night. That happened to Anthony and I one of our first Christmas' married and I learned my lesson from putting all the ornaments in one area. AND making sure our live tree was screwed in nice and straight. Oh, the memories. Still so much to come.

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