Friday, December 17, 2010

Jingle all the way!

This morning was Sofia's Christmas Program at pre-school and it was beyond adorable. The singing portion of the program only lasted just over 15 minutes but it was worth each second. From the time Sofia's classes was led to their chairs, to them singing and acting out the songs and then when it was over and her running over to me for a hug. Each second was incredible as a mother to watch her daughter participate in something so fun. Naturally, I teared up more than a few times but luckily was hiding behind my camera for most of those times.


My girl is in the back row, right in the middle.

And I don't need to mention what a lucky little girl Sofia is that both of her Nonna's and both of her Nonno's were able to make the program. Yes, Anthony, Olivia and I were there but she was so excited to see all her grandparents. When you think her smile can't get any bigger...


  1. So sweet!!! So true about the grandparents. My kids love having us at their stuff but when grandparents are involved, it's even more special. She looks beautiful and so happy.

  2. Thanks Emily! It was a really beautiful morning and I had the best time. Such a mommy moment seeing your kids in their first school program!

  3. You have two beautiful girls, so sweet,so cute!


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