Tuesday, April 5, 2011

girls just wanna have fun

One thing I would love to change is to be in more pictures with my kids and family rather than just be the one clicking away. I mean, the camera does have a self-timer, so why not use it, right? Or speak up and ask someone to take a picture for me? Well, I'm working on it. Anthony took some pictures of the girls and I this past weekend as I was getting ready to leave for dinner with my cousin.

The girls were running around me like crazy and I love the attention I get from them when they know I'm going somewhere. Olivia usually attaches herself to one leg while Sofia is non-stop asking about where I'm going, what I'm going to do, etc. She plays the mommy role very well.

Nonna Lisa joins in for some picture fun too and the girls just loved that!

Ahhh, I love those two little girls so much...they amaze me everyday.

A girls' night with my cousin, Daniela, just weeks before her wedding. It was so fun to get a group of girls together for a night out for swapping stories, re-living memories and of course, eating! Can't wait to hear all about her destination wedding and of course, to see the pictures!

Oh yes, it's Ladies Night!

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