Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Is Spring really here? With the crazy back and forth weather we've been having, who knows, but I am so ready to put away the gloves, heavy coats and boots. Until next Fall/Winter of course. I am a fan of the four seasons, but I've seen enough of Winter this year. It's been one too many overcast and bitterly cold days.

Our trip to DC on Saturday helped my mood though. Just being outdoors with the girls for a couple hours and taking in all the beautiful scenery really got me ready for picnics in our yard, trips to the zoo and flip-flops! I am ready for my regular pedicures and sandals 100% of the time. The girls are both at such a great age to be out and about really enjoying the sunny days and I'm just jumping to get out the door with them. They're both perfectly content on staying in the yard or walking to the nearby park, but I really want to take them on some new adventures this Spring.

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