Thursday, April 7, 2011

just playing

I am loving how much fun Sofia is having with her camera. She runs to grab it for picture opportunities and then will sit for a bit to scroll through all the ones she's taken. She's so proud of herself. My little photog!

And speaking of Sofia, my big 4-year-old. She had her 4 year check up tonight and she was really good. Except for the part where she kicked the nurse, that wasn't so good, but I think that was just a reflex. No one really likes to get a shot, right? But that was the first shot which she flinched for and kicked out her foot, the second shot she literally sat as still as a statue. No tears. What a big girl. And she is big, tall anyway. 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight. Dr. B said she is very tall and she told him "I am!" Too funny.

We've started the girls on a nice collection of mini Fiat 500s, which they love. Sofia saw them in Italy on the road 2 summers ago and asked for us to buy her one. We'll stick with the minis for now. The Fiat 500 was also one of my parent's first cars that they bought when they were first married. There's was red I think and my dad had to take out the front driver's seat and sit on the back seat to even fit in the car. I guess we know where Sofia gets the height from then.

Cars, cars, and more cars. My girls and cars. What can I minute they're running around the house in their tu-tu's pushing the stroller and carrying their purses and the next they're varoooooming around the floor with the nice collection of cars they have.

Love those little bare feet. She almost 100% of the time will refuse socks to just running around the house in her sweet feet, as we like to call them around here. Sometimes we will manage to keep slippers on her but not for long. I'm okay with it though since I love her feet and those yummy little toes. When I tell her I'm going to eat her feet she says "No mama, no eat feeties!"

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