Sunday, April 10, 2011

Panini in the Park

We took the girls into Philadelphia yesterday morning for some running around. First stop was the Italian Market section where we walked up and down 9th Street perusing each and every market stand. I bought 2 zucchini, 3 handfuls of fava beans, a basket of string beans and 8 lemons. Can you guess what I paid??? $4.50 - how is that for a deal!? Then we visited the Italian stores taking in the delicious smells of the giant hanging provolone cheeses, the drying mortadella and the olive bins. I think I might have gained weight just by smelling everything! We bought some sandwich staples and headed to our next stop in the city - Rittenhouse Square Park for our picnic. The ground was still a bit wet from the last week's rain, so we camped ourselves on a bench instead. The girls loved it! People and dogs everywhere and something to see at every turn.

It was a beautiful morning.

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