Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baltimore, Hon!

While in Maryland over Easter weekend, we took the girls to downtown Baltimore for some Harborplace fun! An overcast day but the girls didn't mind and loved it all. The Constellation Ship was a big hit for Sofia even though she had no interest in going on the thing, only admired it from afar. Then they shot the cannon off and that sealed the deal of her not wanting to take a tour. Maybe another time...

Even Chase the man came with us to the harbor for some fun! Such a great little baby.

And a trip to the Harborplace would not be complete without indulging in some good ol'junk food. The cheeseburger was bigger then Sofia's hands but she didn't let that get in the way of enjoying it.

Olivia ate up the french fries no problem, next time she'll enjoy them Maryland style with some Old Bay and vinegar - yummy!

My beautiful little girls getting so big, way too fast. Love those faces so much!

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