Friday, April 1, 2011

Buon Compleanno Zio Scotty!

Wishing my brother Scott a very happy 30th birthday! Can't believe my little brother is turning 30 years old today, makes me feel just a tad bit old. I think it's safe to say he recently received the best birthday gift ever. Chase - your daddy is going to spoil you rotten, but don't forget that today is his special day. You're very cute and all, but today you have to spoil your daddy. Sleep a little longer for him (and mommy) tonight! When you get older, I'll let you in on a couple things that you could surprise your daddy with for his birthday.

A happy and healthy year ahead for my little brother and his beautiful family!


  1. Buon Compleanno Scott, you did receive the best gift for your birthday.Chase, you are very blessed to have a dad like yours.

    We love you,mom and dad

  2. Happy birthday Scott!beautiful pics of a wonderful family.


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