Thursday, April 14, 2011

stop to smell the...tulips

Finally! A beautiful day again. And I'm inside on the computer now. Bummer. But at least we were out and about this morning enjoying it and hopefully this time the good weather will stick for a bit longer than 24 hours. One of the first things Sofia said this morning was "the sun is out and it's not raining, maybe we can be outside for a long time today." Poor little lovebug is tired of being inside on account of bad weather. I don't blame her.

So, after breakfast and cleanup, we did just that. Amongst the errand-running, we enjoyed a sweet treat outdoors and some flower picking in the front yard. The daffodils are just about done for the season, but some bright red tulips are making an appearance. Which makes my flower lover, Sofia, very happy. And it makes me happy that something so simple makes her happy.

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