Monday, September 13, 2010

Color me happy!

The painting is complete and looks fantastic!

We chose a new color for our mudroom - olive tint - I love it! There was a little hesitation at first when I was thinking of a light, light green color, but I soon got over it since it's very subtle. I think it looks great with the bright white baseboard and door trim and even looks nice next to our new floor. Can't wait to put the mudroom bench back in and some things on the wall.

The kitchen painting is just beautiful. We have chair rail throughout the kitchen and breakfast nook and that has always been white. Above the chair rail we had a cream with yellow underlying tones and we now have muslin. For any of you that watch Project Runway, yes it's like the color of the material they use at times. For those of you that don't watch, it's a light tan.

Below the chair rail is my favorite of the three colors - dill weed. A beautiful green with light olive undertones, reminds me of the beautiful green of a fig leaf. I didn't steer too far from what used to be there either, a light sage color that I loved but just had grown tired of looking at everyday.

That's the beauty of a can (or three) of paint. In the grand scheme of a kitchen remodel, painting is the least expensive and can have a very profound effect on the outcome.

Stay tuned for more of our kitchen remodel!

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