Thursday, September 9, 2010

stop and smell the flowers

My good friend had a wonderful post today that just spoke so much to me, Loving the Right Now. It was about living in the moment and not rushing them away. About being grateful for all the things that are going on in our lives. Things that are taking place right now. At this very moment. That's how it spoke to me anyway.

I find that I tend to think ahead too much and not really take advantage of my moments. We have so much going on right now in our lives but two of the most thought consuming are Sofia starting pre-school next week and our kitchen remodel. Naturally, when they're placed in the same sentence, the first completely outweighs the latter for me and makes remodeling anything seem like a breeze.

But my baby is going to pre-school. For two mornings a week she is going to be with other people, not her mommy. She's going to be playing with other kids and making crafts and learning new things. All the while, her mommy won't be in the same room as her. This is such a big deal to me and such an important moment in my little girl's life.

Sure, you think, it's just pre-school. They're going to sing songs, paint and have snack time. But this is the beginning of her really becoming independent. Developing into her own. Growing, changing and taking on new experiences. On her own. And this has everything to do with really enjoying the moment. Enjoying the first smiles, first little sounds, first steps. Because all of it just goes by too quickly. All of it just comes at you so fast and one minute you're out there taking a video of the first step and the next you're watching them ride a bike for the first time. And the next you're at your first Parent/Teacher Orientation biting your lip so you don't cry as you meet her very first teacher. I know, I'm a sap.

With so much going on it is so important to just stop for a minute and really absorb your life as it stands at that very second. Because you're not going to get that same second back again. Sure, you can try and re-create it but it will never be like that first time. And it shouldn't be. Because that moment came, you lived it how you lived it and now it's passed you by and you're onto another moment. Creating another memory to be stored in your heart, your journal, and also, in my case, my camera and blog.

Seeing her face each morning is reminder enough to enjoy each minute, savor each pout or smile, every hug or kiss, every tickle, laugh or squeal. To slow down, to stop altogether to completely immerse yourself in the moment. A moment that won't stop for you, won't wait for you to get off the phone, to turn the tv or computer off, won't give you a heads up that you're going to miss it. It comes, goes and keeps going.

I need to print out that picture of Sofia smelling the flowers and keep it with me always. As a constant reminder to slow down, take a step back and enjoy. And repeat. Over and over again.


  1. Oh Lisa, this made me cry! I remember so well when I let my first baby go and walked her in to school. It's such a bittersweet time. That picture is definitely a framer and such a good reminder.


  2. It's definitely going up in a frame soon! It is a bittersweet time in their life and I'm sure there are going to many, many more just like this. I can learn from you how to go about each one without it being a tear-fest on my part!


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