Friday, September 17, 2010

Ready, set, PLAY!

Earlier this week we met friends at the Smith Playground in Fairmont Park and it is safe to say that the girls had a great time. Sofia and I have been once before and it's embarrassing to admit that we haven't returned since. I don't even know why because that first visit with our friends Maria and Ethan was a lot of fun and I remember Sofia enjoying herself. First of all, it's a great space for the kids to just run around and have fun. The playground is huge and totally safe.'s FREE!

We picked a gorgeous day to go and so we spent the entire time outdoors in the playground. And there were no complaints from the 4 kids, they were just there to have a good time.

Afterwards, the girls and I sat on our blanket in the gigantic yard in front of the mansion and had a little picnic. I learned within minutes that I needed to strap Olivia in because she kept trying to make a run for the playground again! As soon as she saw food she sat happily in her stroller while we dined alfresco.

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