Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everything in its place

Are you getting annoyed with hearing about the kitchen progress? If so, I apologize and more pictures from our Italian summer vacation are soon coming. But if you're not yet bored here are just a couple more pictures from our journey to a renovated kitchen. sink cabinet. Just your basic sink cabinet really...24x27 inches of space for buckets, cleaning supplies and rags.

But this sink cabinet has a hidden little gem...! The pull-down sink drawer, designed especially for OCD people like myself that believe that there really is a place for everything. And the place for the sponge is right here. Tucked out of the way in its own little compartment. Love that they can invent things that make use out of odd space!

And only I would have so much fun putting contact paper in the drawers. Anthony must have thought I had gone mad but I was just so happy to be at that point in our kitchen remodel. Putting contact paper down means that I was nearly ready to put all my stuff away. And getting things put away means my kitchen was getting back to normal. Oh happy days!


  1. so pretty lisa!!! and that is too funny. I guess i am not OCD. I have two of those pullouts for sponges and *never* use them!! :)

  2. I LOVE readig about your kitchen progress!! And Iwant one of those things for the sponges!!

  3. That's hysterical Em! We went into The Container Store once and Anthony knew I was in heaven. Funny enough, I haven't been back since but I love stuff like that.

    Thanks Megan! It's been fun even with all the dust and having picnics on the floor! :-)


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