Thursday, September 23, 2010

And on his farm he had a horse...

I took the girls to Ridley Creek State Park yesterday morning and we stopped off at a horse farm for a walk. We've been before for walks, a stop at the park or just to have a snack near the horse farm and it's always been a good time. Yesterday was no different.

Olivia had fun showing me the horses

Sofia collected acorns

and we spotted a fuzzy-looking caterpillar which the girls had to watch crawl all the way across the path.

Everything about our little adventure to the horse farm was perfect. It's close to home, it's free and the girls get fresh air while watching some of the day-to-day at a horse farm. The "cowboys" (Sofia kept calling them that) were cleaning the stalls, feeding the horses and putting water in their tubs. Sofia later asked me if horses eat fruit bars (their snack while we were there) and who brushed their teeth. I guess she was concerned for their dental hygiene when she saw the size of their mouth!

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