Monday, February 9, 2015

A weekend away...

Just what we needed after the past couple months have been crazy busy, a little weekend away at my parent's beach house. Quiet community, empty stores since it's the off season and relaxing time with the family. All that was missing was Scott and his family!

Little man loves walking. Almost as much as he loves to be held. Try to figure that one out! But he was enjoying the crisp outdoors and we took a stroll down to the pier and he walked the whole way there. Coming back though he was held by Nonna and was quite comfortable.

Silly little girls love scooting around on their scooters outside. Quiet streets mean the have the right of way these days.

Windy air but they love checking for fish and crabs along the little pier.

Now down to the other little pier to "feed" the fish. More like throw bread and watch it absorb water. Even too cold for the fish to be out and about.

My girl and I headed to warmer temperatures back at home. Love that little face!
And love those little shoes joining our shoes at the door. How sweet!

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