Friday, February 20, 2015

Photo-a-day challenge - Happy Friday!

Last year I was researching barre classes to begin at the start of this new year and I'm proud to say that I haven't missed a week yet. The concept behind the class - ballet meets yoga meets pilates - always struck me as something that I might enjoy. I'm not one to GO to the gym and use equipment. I mean, I have in the past but if I'm being completely honest with myself (and you), I wouldn't do that at this point in my life. No desire to lift weights, use cardio machines or even go to the pool to swim. Just don't have it in me right now. But a class about stretching, breathing exercises and strengthening my core, now that was something that appealed to me.

But we will be ending our YMCA family membership and while they do offer classes there, I found a great site nearby that is only barre and the instructors there live and breathe it day in, day out. They are so energetic, helpful with questions and any problem areas you might want to work on or if you need to adjust a particular movement to better suit your needs. The studio is adorable, there are a variety of class times offered to fit my schedule and I just feel like it's a better environment for me being just one studio and not a huge complex. They do offer childcare at a small cost but I've found a slot of time in the evening that I don't even need to worry about childcare since they can hang with daddy for the hour. Yep, and it's an hour long class and man, do they keep you moving from beginning to end. Quaint and personal sound weird I guess to describe it but it's true and it's what I love about it. That and how I feel right after, the next day and that I look forward to going to the next class.

So that's my Happy Friday since I was just there last night and had to post about it and how much I'm enjoying it. And, honestly, how cute are my barre socks?

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